Christina’s Story



In November 2001 I was a new migrant  in my adopted country of Perth, Western Australia. I was also a mum to three kids all below the age of 12 and I had given up a successful professional career of 20 years in marketing communications to be a homemaker. That decision was made so I could be a better mother to my children and have more time to focus on their needs. My husband and I also felt Perth was a better environment for our growing children.

It was a challenging time for me in those first for two years managing a busy household almost single-handedly as my husband was commuting between Singapore and Perth with his legal business. In the third year my health, which had always been good suddenly went downhill and I found myself in hospital. It was a scary time as the kids were still young and I had no family support at all. Fortunately I recovered and then met a lady who introduced me to a top brand nutritional supplement to help me manage my health. The products worked for me and within a few months I discovered that it was also a business. Having no business skills I was content to “dabble” in it by introducing the products to friends in the hopes that I could make enough sales to get my products for free.

Two years later I went to the company’s sales convention in Singapore and it was then that I had my epiphany. I realized that what I had in my hands was a fantastic business model that could potentially turn into a global business with a huge residual income possibility.

It was then that I decided that I should be more focused and learn the skills and knowledge necessary to be a business owner and professional network marketer.

My husband decided to support the business as well doing it part-time whilst still managing his legal business.

Within four years we had hit an income that was close to what I was getting from my professional career. The business had grown and we had a network of customers and business partners that spanned three countries – Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.It had become a global business and we could afford to retire my husband from his stressful legal career.

Today I continue to work the business from home spending my time coaching and mentoring my team. I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of continuing to grow my network which has since grown to the Philippines and Thailand as well.

It is a fantastic business because it gives me time flexibility which I never had in my professional career. That means I can choose the hours I want to work and still spend time with family and friends and have time for my other interests. We have a great residual income that pays our bills and still allow us to have a good lifestyle.I have no boss, no office politics and no commute to work.

The personal development has been tremendous as well. From having no business skills at all, I now understand what it takes to run a global business and am still learning everyday.

Best of all this business allows me to serve so many people with either health needs or needs for financial freedom. Because there is no professional requirements, this business is good for anyone as long as they have a desire and commitment to succeed and a willingness to learn what is needed to build a sustainable business. It has fulfilled my passion for helping others, serving others and at the same time building my own dream life!

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