Want to be a leader?

In the last few weeks I have been reviewing and sharing on my Facebook Live posts everyday about leadership.

It is my summary, if you life, of John C Maxwell’s epic study on leadership – The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. And it has reinspired me.

Not everyone wants to lead. It is a responsibility. It is also a huge committment. But the rewards are amazing.

And in fact, everyone should aim to be a good leader. Whether you are a parent, a student, an employee or an entrepreneur. Because it helps us also to be better people. And it certainly inspires the people we lead. If we do the job right.

There are so many facets to being a good leader which is why I decided to re-read the book and share it.

If you are wanting to be a leader, I strongly encourage you to read the book. You can start off by watching my posts. Here is the one I did today on the Law of Timing. Enjoy!