3 Steps to Live a Life You Love

Do you love your life? Really, really love it?

Too many people I know hate their lives. I know I have. But hey, you know what, we only will ever have only ONE life.

At my age, I want to love my life. And I have made the decision that I am not going waste any more time hating my life or even being negative about the challenges that I am given. My life is getting shorter by the minute and I want to enjoy every nano second of it. Crap included.

Really, our lives are what we make of it. And wouldn’t you rather hang out with a positive smiling person, than someone who is negative and grumbling and complaining about everything?

So what are the 3 steps that will allow us to live a life that we love?

1. Focus on helping and being a blessing to others.
The more we focus on ourselves and our challenges, the more of it we will get. So if you are after a job and all you can think of is how you don’t have one, then chances are those jobs are going to be hard to find.
Focus instead of helping someone, anyone and you will be surprised how that may open doors for you and it may just get you that job you are after.

2. Take steps to sort out your life
Small steps taken every single day will lead to the desired outcome. It may not be right now but it will happen. You can count on it. And while you are doing it enjoy the process.

3. Trust in the process and the Universe
In my case, I happen to be a Catholic and have strong faith that God will see me through whatever crisis I may be facing. The crisis will pass and when you look back you will wonder why you were so uptight about it.
Relax. Do what you need to do and be thankful for what you DO have. Someone out there would actually love your life!

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I challenge you to live your life and Love IT!