Why I love being a connector

I am the sort of person who enjoys meeting new friends and having great conversations. And I have found that it is through my connections that I have been able to help different people get what they need or want. So it creates a lovely win-win-win situation.

To give you an example, I recently had the pleasure of connecting a young dietician and nutritionist with her own healthy food line with a doctor who prefers to educate on holistic health rather than prescribe drugs. They have agreed to collaborate and do cross referrals.

I also connected a friend looking for an apartment with another friend of mine who is a real estate agent with apartments for sale.

So what do I get out of it? Just the simple satisfaction of knowing that I might have helped two people who did not know each other before I came into the picture, connect and find solutions. I hope that I have added value to their lives. And it cost me absolutely nothing except a few minutes of my time introducing them to each other.

But in order to do this I must first have a large network. And that is what I do every single day. Increase my network and therefore my net worth as well.

And this was a lesson I passed to my kids. As a result they find jobs easily because they have made connections as well. And the right doors are opened to them.

Never underestimate the power of having a great network. And life really becomes more fulfilling, more enriching and satisfying.

I have put together a series of Facebook Live posts on how to enlarge your network. Do check them out on my Facebook page ChristinaTseng.com