Thank God it’s Friday!

How many times have you said this in the course of your work life?

I know I have countless times. And like everyone else, it was because Friday spells the end of a work week and it is the start of the weekend…rest, relaxation and time for the things we enjoy.

It is a sad fact that 70% of people who work actually hate what they do and can’t wait to take a break.

I didn’t hate my work. I just loved my family more. And so, it was always with a heavy heart that I would go back to work on a Monday. Fridays and the weekends went by way too quickly.

The question that you have to ask yourself is: DO YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER YOUR TIME?

If not, who does?

And if time is one of the most valuable commodities in life, should we not be the ones in control of it? How did we even lose control of our time? Most probably it is because we need to earn an income. So it is our job or business that controls us. Money or in many cases, our bank loans control us. And that is so, so sad

The only way out of it, is to create another means to having an income. It could be anything. An online business, investing in stocks, property investing. But you will need to do something right now. Because it will take time to build your income base. Your aim? To be able to quit the job that controls you and have an income that continues to pay you even if you choose not to work. Or to work the hours that YOU choose to do so.

This is thankfully what I have done. And I am so very grateful to the person who gave me that opportunity.

If you want to take back control of your time and want to know how I did it…connect with me here. I would be very happy to share my experience with you.

My challenge for you today: Reflect on your life right now. Are YOU in control of your time? If not, what will YOU do about it?

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